The Temptation of a Highlander

The Temptation of a Highlander
by Elisa Braden

My review:

I have started and re-started this review several times because I can’t seem to find the right words to express how much I enjoyed it. The important thing, though, is that author Elisa Braden certainly found all the right words to make “The Temptation of a Highlander” a wonderfully memorable addition to the ‘Midnight in Scotland’ series. This is the third book in the series but it can definitely be read as a standalone.

An obsessed maniac is fixated on Clarissa, and Campbell is determined to protect her – no matter what. Campbell is the tallest, strongest, most overwhelmingly attractive man Clarissa has ever met.  Unfortunately, she gets flustered around him every time and says wildly inappropriate things. It’s mortifying for her, hilarious for us. Dialogue is one of this author’s many strengths; it shines brilliantly between the characters in this story. As the storyline unfolds, the intensity level of everything is heightened. I’m not going to recap the story and risk spoiling it for you. Suffice to say, reading it is well worth your time and effort.

This book skillfully combines elements of mystery and suspense, along with shiver-inducing supernatural scenes and enough heat between the lead characters to set the world on fire. There are a few distressing scenes having to do with animals and with people. None of it is done gratuitously but if you’re sensitive to things like that, I thought you might like a ‘heads up’. The author did an amazing job balancing the components that together make up the story; it’s a masterful accomplishment. No matter what type of books you usually read, the emotional potential of the human heart is universal and timeless, and this story is a beautiful reminder of that truth.

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