Don’t You Dare

Don’t You Dare
by Weston Parker

My review:

I wasn’t sure what to expect from “Don’t You Dare”, but I was certain it would be a good book. It’s author, Weston Parker, consistently writes entertaining stories with well-defined characters. This is the third book in the ‘A Wedding Bells Alpha Novel’ series. The books that preceded it are “Say You Do” and “She’s Mine Now”. You can definitely enjoy this one without having read either of those.

Katie is the editor of a struggling on-line fashion magazine, although her secret dream is to be a clothing designer. Her social circle is extraordinarily small, and her self-confidence is unfortunately low, but her heart and her talent are huge. Logan is the billionaire “bachelor bad boy of the year” and the influential heir to the family real estate empire of which he is the CEO. There are plenty of people who want to see him get married, but he’s very content working hard and playing hard, living his playboy lifestyle. When circumstances put Logan into a photo shoot very near to Katie’s offices, she has a bold idea to put herself in his proximity and present him with an idea that would probably save the company for which she works. Although initially he balks at her outrageousness, Logan soon realizes that the lovely Katie could also do him a valuable favor. He’ll model in a special runway show for her magazine if she’ll be his date for a special dinner. A lot goes wrong … but a lot also goes incredibly right. And the chemistry between Katie and Logan? It’s burns at an off-the-charts level of hot.

This author has a special talent for fake relationship stories with real heart and real emotion. Katie and Logan are both likable characters. He saves Logan from being too debauched by also making him scrupulously honest in his dealings with women; Logan is a player, but he never makes false promises. He and Katie help one another to grow as better people their own feelings for one another gradually deepen and intensify. I liked how they each saw the other as much more than anyone else ever did. There are a few over-the-top moments but it’s OK because they work.  The secondary characters are terrific. If you’ve read any of the stories loosely connected to this one, you’ll recognize Katie’s sister and niece, and her sister’s best friend. Now I am also left hoping that Nash, Connie, and Hunter (still) will have their stories told. I know I didn’t explain who those characters are, but if you read this book, I suspect you’ll agree with me. I think you’ll also agree that “Don’t You Dare” is a book that pulls you in and keeps a hold on you until the wonderful ending.

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