The Price of Integrity

The Price of Integrity
by Lexy Parker

My review:

“The Price of Integrity” is the first book in the ‘K-9 Protection Romance’ series by Lexy Parker. It’s an entertaining story with three main characters – Farrah, a female police officer who trains dogs for the K9 unit, Kurt, a male police officer who has recently joined the K9 Unit, and Sergeant Barker, the canine who brings them together.

Farrah is extremely serious about her career. She has great respect for the dogs she trains and wants to make sure they are always handled safely. She’s a big believer in rules, routines, and requirements. Kurt takes his responsibilities as a police officer seriously, but he’s a happy-go-lucky kind of guy and finds great pleasure in joking around, playing pranks, and bending rules. Farrah has her doubts about Kurt’s suitability for the responsibilities of being partnered with a K9 and is very reluctant to leave Barker in his hands. There is a lot that goes on in this story. The action includes a big drug bust, an erratic informant, a forced partnership, a surprisingly steamy stakeout, conflict, confusion, and an unexpected baby on the way.

I thought this story was easy to read and entertaining. I liked how readers learn more in-depth information about both human lead characters as the book progresses. A couple of moments having to do with the police department weren’t entirely plausible to me, but it’s fiction so that’s OK because it worked for the story. There were nice plot twists, good dialogue, and interesting secondary characters. I also enjoyed how Barker became an actual character instead of just being a furry prop. I’m looking forward to reading what happens next in this new K9 unit.

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