Bound by Contract

Bound by Contract
by Piper Stone

My review:

I started reading “Bound by Contract” by Piper Stone without knowing exactly what to expect, except that it would likely be intense with some seriously steamy scenes. That turned out to be an accurate expectation. This book pulled me in from the very beginning and kept me interested and involved until the very last word.

Gregory and his father run an organization that is a dangerous combination of legitimate businesses and criminal ones. Crossing them can be a deadly mistake. When Gregory finds out that a junior accountant named Brooklyn has been stealing from him, he’s enraged. She’s aware of his deadly reputation and knows that her life could be forfeit .  Still though, she doesn’t regret what she did. He’s nearly as surprised as she is when he offers her a choice; he will turn her into the police and a guaranteed jail sentence, or she must sign a contract finding her to his every whim for months and months. Obviously, she chooses the second option. The chemistry between Gregory and Brooklyn is overwhelming and scorching hot.  He’s incredibly dominant and doesn’t hesitate to do as he will, even when it shocks her. With some of the things he does, you’d think that there would be no way you could find anything likeable about him, but the author managed to still make him a character I wanted to see find happiness. Brooklyn’s conflicted feelings are vividly conveyed, and her internal dilemmas are understandable.

This is a well-written and fast-paced story. There are secrets being held by Brooklyn that don’t get revealed until deeply into the story. It’s worth the wait, but I would have liked to know even more of the details when everything is revealed. Within this book, there is betrayal and loyalty, violence and kindness, bravery and fear, love and cruelty, and a wild array of other emotions. I appreciated how Brooklyn and Gregory both became better people because of their involvement with one another. I thought the conclusion was a good one.

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