A Dare Too Far

A Dare Too Far
by Charlie Lane

My review:

“A Dare Too Far” is the second book in “The Debutante Dares” series by Charlie Lane. It’s written so that you can enjoy it as a standalone, but if you had the pleasure of reading the first book in this series, Daring the Duke, you’ll already understand the reason for the dares, and recognize the characters.

Jane and her friends dare each other into doing things that are questionable and on the edge of impropriety. During the first book, Jane got herself in a situation that ruined her reputation. She’s now in dire need of a husband and the wrecked reputation really limits her choices.  At a house party, she enlists the help of her brother’s friend, George, to guide her in figuring out who to marry. George has secretly loved Jane for a long time but has a private reason for not pursuing her. Even though it’s torture for him, he tries to assist her in finding a husband from among the men he helped pre-select to attend the party, for that exact purpose.  The house party is full of humorous moments and some steamy ones as the friendship between Jane and George evolves into something more.

I really enjoyed how well the author conveyed the emotional and intellectual struggles of the main characters they each tried to balance obligations, responsibilities, and love.  I was surprised that I especially found George’s situation so heartbreaking; he turned out to be much different from what I first thought him to be. Secondary characters in this book were particularly interesting. Jane’s stepmother was wonderfully cringeworthy. George’s uncle, sister, and brother-in-law each connected with my heart in different ways. The ending of this book was terrific. I very much enjoyed the epilogue as well, and the update it provided about not just Jane and George, but about some secondary characters, too.  I’m already looking forward to the next of ‘The Debutante Dares’.

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