Wine Wanderer

Wine Wanderer
by Jessica Mills & Ali Parker

My review:

“Wine Wanderer” is book 4 in “The MacAllen Boys” series by Jessica Mills and Ali Parker. It’s an opposites attract, small town, contemporary story about a preacher’s daughter and the bad boy saloon owner who really has a heart of gold.

Johnnie has a leather jacket, sleek motorcycle, dashing good looks, and owns a saloon. And, he’s definitely not interested in a serious relationship.  Classic bad boy, right? Nope. He’s ethical, honest, and just a generally good guy who values his family and friends. Louisa is the only child of a ‘fire and brimstone’ preacher. Her mother passed away years ago, and since she was young, Louisa takes care of the family home and prepares all their meals. Along with the pressure of being a proper all the time, she’s also dealing with the stress of her father’s apparent mental decline.  Classic good girl, right?  Nope. She loves her father but she’s desperate to spread her wings and live a bit outside the parameters of church activities. Dominating her thoughts are lustful fantasies about Johnnie.  When her father unexpectedly orders her to get a job waitressing at the saloon, Johnnie and Louisa are both in for a startling discovery of the blazing hot chemistry between them.

I enjoyed the way both lead characters learned about themselves while they learned about one another. Neither of them thinks that they are good enough for the other, and yet they each have a positive influence on the other. Woven into the compelling story of Johnnie and Louisa is some suspense, arson, abduction, a country singer with her eye on Johnnie, interesting developments for Louisa’s father, and awesome shenanigans from all of the members of the MacAllen Family. I loved the ending of this story and I really wish I could visit the MacAllens at their ranch.

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