One Hot Christmas

One Hot Christmas
by Anna Durand

My review:

“One Hot Christmas” the 6th story in the ‘Hot Brits’ series by Anna Durand, is royally entertaining. Although the book is part of a series, it could definitely be enjoyed as a standalone. It’s a story told from the leading man’s perspective, something this author has effectively done before in other books.

Instead of the hero rescuing a damsel in distress, this story opens with the hero trapped in his car that’s trapped in the ice, then being rescued by a beautiful woman on a snowmobile with pink detailing. She whisks him off to her home after saving him from the clutches of the snowstorm. As you know from the book blurb, Ben is a Crown Prince whose mother is aggressively demanding he get married to fulfill his responsibility to his family and his status in their country. Although Ben loves his family and his country, he has no desire to be a royal. He’s been perfectly happy hiding out in England and working as a massage therapist. On a vacation in America he meets Samantha (Sam), and she rocks his world. Instalust morphs into instalove. As if the situation wasn’t complicated enough, her family members start showing up, and then so do his!

This entertaining book manages to combine sweet and steamy stuff with snow and some Christmas magic. The main and the secondary characters are all likable. I enjoyed the ending, although it wrapped up almost too quickly because the book was so enjoyable.

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