by Delta James

My review:

“Submission” is part of the excellent ‘Masters of the Savoy’ series by Delta James. The books in the series are paranormal mysteries with plenty of suspense.  If you’ve read other books in this series and think you know what to expect, think again.

As the book blurb tells you, Anne is a woman who was denied her “happy ever after” centuries ago. She’s been biding her time, existing in the shadows between life and the hereafter – waiting for an opportunity to grab a second chance at living life on her own terms. She has a strong, justifiable distrust of men. Gabe is a man who made one big mistake in his life but managed to make for himself a second chance. He’s really maximized that second opportunity and built a good life for himself. As Head of Security for the Savoy Hotel in London, he utilizes his intelligence, experience and instincts to keep things running securely. All of those qualifications are telling him that something to do with Anne is not quite right. That feeling is further complicated by other feelings he immediately has for the woman … much more intensely personal feelings. Anne is as strongly attracted to Gabe as he is to her. She doesn’t know what to do about it. As much as she wants to be bold and act on those feelings, she must also protect her secret.

I think the author does a terrific job thinking of things that would be obstacles for a person in Anne’s situation. A separate issue about Gabe and his friends that’s been referred to throughout the books in the series also becomes a factor in this one; it’s an issue that finally gets resolved, and it couldn’t be at a better time. As the tension builds throughout the story, you keep wondering how it could possibly all work out. Have no worries about that, because the ending of this smart and steamy story is excellent.

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