Fake It For Money

Fake It For Money
by Weston Parker

My review:

“Fake It For Money” is another story from Weston Parker that gives you much more than you might initially expect. You see the premise of a billionaire and a graduate student in a fake relationship and your mind categorizes it as a rom-com. You might already know that a rom-com by this particular author is bound to be good. Well, this story more than good.

Henry is a man with a golden touch for business. It’s something he understands and is very good at handling; personal relationships, not so much. So, when he needs to appear to have a stable relationship to make himself appear more relatable for business purposes, he turns to a business for help. Izzy is almost done with medical school to bring down her educational debt before she starts a residency program.  Random chance, the hand of fate, or maybe even a Christmas miracle leads her and her friend to run into a woman from the agency that Henry ends up using to arrange his professional date.

Christmas plays a very important part up things several times in this book. It sets the stage for what is to come, provides the settings for key events, and then provides a launching pad for a wonderful future. Izzy is a lovely character from the very beginning, but she has a very poor body image.  Her experience with Henry changes her opinion of herself for the better. Although Henry has achieved incredible success in life, he’s never been able to overcome the emotional burdens of his youth – burdens that were so deeply ingrained within him that he never really even recognized their existence. Toward the end of this story there’s a scene where the Henry has a holiday dinner with Izzy’s family, and it was written so well I felt like I was lurking in a shadowed corner and watching it unfold.  I thought the ending was extremely well done. This is definitely a heartwarming story for any time of year.

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