Big Bad Bodyguard

Big Bad Bodyguard
by Ali Parker

My review:

“Big Bad Bodyguard” is an entertaining book by Ali Parker that shakes up expectations a bit. You look at the muscular man on the cover and read the title and you know that the image represents the Bodyguard … but you’d be wrong to think that. The author flips expectations just like her heroine flips big, burly men far bigger than she, and both really made me smile.

Craig is as strong and smooth as the finest bourbon produced by the distilleries his family owns. When he interrupts a crime being committed against the business, he ends up targeted by the gang involved. His father and Jason, the only other person he or his father listen to, both agree that Craig needs a bodyguard, at least temporarily. Craig strongly disagrees with them and unsuccessfully fights the idea. When presented with bodyguards from which to choose, Craig decides to make a mockery of the whole thing; he selects the one woman among all the muscular men. Kali is used to being underestimated, and throughout her career has routinely used it to her advantage. Men are always shocked to find out how well-trained and highly capable she is. She has no doubt she can handle anything that happens and keep the client safe – even from himself.

This was a well-written book. The author does a great job balancing elements of suspense and danger along with sexual tension, family drama, humorous moments, business dealings, smart dialogue, clever conversations and steamy scenes. Both Craig and Kali are pulled outside their comfort zones by unfamiliar emotions, and they each must figure out how to deal with it all. There are several notable secondary characters, including Craig’s brother Lane and best friend, Jason, and Kali’s boss, Thomas, and best friend Mina. I thought the ending was excellent, and a perfect conclusion to this story.

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