A Not So Meet Cute

A Not So Meet Cute
by Meghan Quinn

My review:

“A Not So Meet Cute” is a fake engagement, fake pregnancy, enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy punctuated by scorching hot chemistry and some scenes so hilarious that I laughed out loud. Very Loudly. Meghan Quinn has given us a book with outrageous premises, a couple of sharp twists, and a satisfying epilogue.

Huxley is an extraordinarily successful real-estate mogul and a man with plan for everything … usually. His competitive nature gets him into an awkward position and in jeopardy of losing a business deal he wants more than anything else. Lottie is well-educated and hard-working, sometimes snarky and often outspoken – except when it came to dealing with the frenemy who fired her. When she and Huxley run into one another, they are each in desperate need of a partner for a specific purpose.  I’m not revealing anything that wasn’t already shared in the book blurb when I say they sign a contract to pretend to be engaged.  Almost immediately things don’t go quite as planned.  At the very beginning they are intrigued a bit by one another.  Then they can’t stand each other.  They start to get to know one another and soon realize that their ‘business only deal’ has become much more than what they thought it would be.

There are great secondary characters in this book, including Lottie’s sister Kelsey, and Huxley’s brothers JP and Breaker. When you read the book, I think you’ll join me in ‘shipping’ Kelsey and JP so much! Angela was a great villainess, I really like Lottie’s mother and stepfather, and was surprised in the end by Huxley’s business rival and that man’s wife. I thought there were several instances where the behavior of the main characters was inconsistent, or just didn’t seem to totally fit with their personalities. However, the book is supposed to be fun, and it definitely is that! And, both main characters definitely exhibit growth and change, something I find important for a book to be good. A story doesn’t have to be perfect in every single way to be entertaining and worth reading.

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