Rocky Mountain Rescue

Rocky Mountain Rescue
by Elle Cooper

My review:

“Rocky Mountain Rescue” is the 2nd book in the ‘Brotherhood Protectors: Colorado’ series by Elle Cooper. It’s a dramatic story and more emotional than I would have expected it to be. The main characters in this story are Josephina (JoJo) and Max.

The prologue of this book is intense and bone-chilling. It’s the kind of thing that makes you feel sick to your stomach. In it, we get to experience Army mechanic Jojo’s rescue after a vicious attack that almost kills her while she’s stationed overseas. Her survival is a miracle. After she recovers, she’s given the choice rejoining her unit or accepting a discharge. Nothing has been done about her case and she can’t trust anybody in her unit, so she accepts the discharge and goes home. She takes a job working for her only close friends at a ranch they own. Max is a Green Beret who survived a massive fall during a training exercise.  He broke almost every bone in his body. Forced to accept a medical discharge, he was left with a limp, residual pain, no career, and a bleak future.  A job offer to join the new branch of the Brotherhood Protectors gives him hope that he’ll be able to use his skill set after all. The agency is leasing space at the ranch where JoJo works.

I’m leaving out a lot because I don’t want to spoil this story for you. But, it starts to become apparent that somebody is targeting JoJo with the intent to kill her. Max is assigned as her bodyguard while they try to figure out why anybody would want her dead. She’s jumpy but fierce as she tries to deal with PTSD from the attack initial on her. As the story progresses, JoJo realizes that Max is just about the only man around whom she feels comfortable. The connection between them keeps heating up while the level of danger around JoJo keeps increasing as well. There’s plenty of steam in this story and some funny moments, too. JoJo and Max are great together and I liked the way the story ended for them. Just as the couple from the first book of the series made appearances in this one, I’m hoping we’ll see JoJo and Max again. I appreciated that the book also dealt a bit with the subject of sexual assault in the military, and the truth that PTSD can be caused by many different things.

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