Sealed With A Kiss

Sealed With A Kiss
by Erin Nicholas

My review:

“Sealed with a Kiss” is a sweet and sexy addition to the ‘Boys of the Bayou Gone Wild’ series by Erin Nicholas. It can definitely be enjoyed as a standalone, but be warned that after you read it you’ll probably be inspired to check out other books in this series and other related series from this author.

Donovan is a man with a passion for saving wildlife. He’s willing to take all kinds of risks except with other people; he never stays in one place for more than a couple of months and doesn’t get close to anybody. He’s perfectly comfortable in front of the camera and in social situations, as long as everything is about the animals or light, on-the-surface topics. Naomi is quite his opposite. She’s sweet and kind but extremely private about her life and her emotions. As a former child TV star, she had good reason to withdraw from public eye as a teenager.  She sees Donovan as her absolute opposite, but she still is overwhelmingly attracted to him. Certain he’s going to be moving on soon, she bravely makes a move and finds out that the attraction is definitely mutual. The scenes that take place as the story unfolds are creative and entertaining. There are goats, assorted wildlife, a potential reality TV show, good food and good times.

The lead characters in this story are wildly appealing. They both start off with a solid self-image of who they believe themselves to be. As the story progresses, their growing relationship leads each of them to some sincere self-reflection and personal character development.  They are an interracial couple, but that’s treated as simple, incidental fact, not a cause for drama.  The secondary characters are varied and excellent. The dialogue between the lead characters and all of the characters in general is consistently smart, witty and vibrant.  I thought the ending was terrific and left me smiling. I’ll definitely be reading the next story in the series.

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