Rich Fake Witch

Rich Fake Witch
by Weston Parker

My review:

“Rich Fake Witch” is pure enjoyment from the first paragraph to the last. Weston Parker has given us a story that features Halloween but will also be fantastic when enjoyed at any other time of year. It’s told from dual points of view, which is my favorite way to experience a story because it gives so much insight into the thought processes of the main characters..

Eli Kane is a hugely successful entrepreneur. He’s handsome and sexy, with enough innate kindness to compensate for his confident swagger, so the end result is charming and not overly obnoxious. The virtual reality (VR) gaming company he created is a dominant force in the marketplace. For personal reasons that go back to his childhood, Eli adores everything about Halloween. A couple of years ago his company created Horde of Horrors, a VR game that has hordes of wildly enthusiastic fans. Charismatic Eli was the inspiration for the main heroic character in the game. Each October, Eli combines the things he loves into a juggernaut of fun and good deeds; he uses his love of Halloween to promote his company and Horde of Horrors, while raising substantial money for Big Brothers Big Sisters – a well-regarded nonprofit that helps disadvantaged youth.

This year, Eli announces he‘s seeking a ‘Wickedly Sexy Witch for his Spooky Season’. The truth is, he already spotted the woman he wants at his side, and now he just has to find her again. Raven Cross is a professional escort. No, she doesn’t get naked with her clients. She serves as eye-candy and arm-candy for them, looking great at their sides at social events, and being charming companionship for any occasion.  She’s a full-figured woman in her late 20s, with dramatic good looks and confidence of a person comfortable in her own skin. For a couple of reasons, she doesn’t have a very high opinion of Eli. And, in her own words …

“As I’ve said a hundred times over, Halloween is not my thing.”

What the Grinch is to Christmas, Raven is to Halloween. When Eli tracks her down through her agency, however, the nature of the business means that she’s going to have to quickly get over her dislike of Halloween and be a professional because he’s willing to pay a lot of money to have her be his Wickedly Sexy Witch. A major part of the fundraising effort happens through a series of seven over-the-top Halloween parties, each with a different theme that will torment Halloween-phobic Raven. The details about the parties that made up the Crawl of Horrors were riveting and had me wishing I could step into the pages of the book and go to them with Eli and Raven. The descriptions of the lucky hosts of the parties also included unique descriptions and clever names.

As the busy days of October pass by, the intense instant chemistry between Eli and Raven intensifies into an inferno. The banter between them is a perfect blend of smart, seductive, snarky, sweet and sincere.   There are fantastic secondary characters. My favorite of those was Dex, nerdy but lovable personal assistant to Eli. There’s some angst for both of the main characters, but nothing too horrible. The conclusion to the main part of the book was excellent, and the epilogue had me genuinely smiling.

This isn’t a Trick; this book is definitely a Treat.  Don’t dillydally. Grab a Spidertini and lose yourself in the pages of this story.

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