Hot SEAL, Midnight Magic

Hot SEAL, Midnight Magic
by Teresa J. Reasor

My review:

“Hot SEAL, Midnight Magic” is part of the ‘SEALs in Paradise’ series of very loosely connected standalone stories by a variety of authors. This particular book is written by Teresa J. Reasor. It combines a heartbreaking second chance love story with intense drama and the heroine’s powerful psychic abilities.

Mia comes from a family that is incredibly wealthy in terms of money and material goods and impoverished when it comes to love. She has just one grandmother who always loved her and supported her dreams. But she also had Gage. He was her best friend and the love of her life … until the day six years ago when he shockingly broke her heart and vanished.  Gage has never told Mia the truth of why he which abruptly walked away from her and all their plans for the future. He forged a new path for himself as a Navy SEAL but his heart never accepted the decision he was forced to make. Now he’s back because of a violent assault on his grandmother, and he finally must deal with owning up to the pain he caused Mia – and deciding if he should tell her the truth of what happened that caused him to leave. Throw into the emotional mix the fact that Mia has certain psychic abilities, and the intensity of the story climbs even higher.

Mia and Gage are both terrific characters. They’ve each walked a lonely, painful path and they both deserve a chance to find happiness together. There’s a variety of interesting secondary characters, including villainous ones who will make you cringe. Some of the twists and turns in this story may have you holding your breath and frantically flipping pages to see what happens next.  I thought this was an excellent and enjoyable book.

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