Can’t Buy Me a Duke

Can’t Buy Me a Duke
by Bianca Blythe

My review:

“Can’t Buy Me A Duke” is book 7 in ‘The Duke Hunters Club’ by Bianca Blythe. They are loosely connected standalone stories, and you definitely do not need to have read any of the previous books in order to enjoy this one.

Lucy has moved from New York to London with her parents and her younger sister. Her father is an extremely wealthy businessman and her mother has dreams of both of her daughters marrying into the British aristocracy. The big problem is that Lucy is far from the English ideal of beauty; she’s a freckled redhead who says what’s on her mind. Her sister is a much more conventional beauty who attracts favorable attention anywhere she goes. When their mother decides that the sister can’t get engaged until Lucy has at least a man who’s showing serious interest in her, Lucy proposes a fake relationship situation to Harrison, the Duke of Sturbridge. For his own reasons, he ends up going along with it. He’s very careful to make sure she understands that nothing is ever going to come of their arrangement because he has his own reasons for never marrying.

It’s not a challenge to predict their feelings will develop by both Lucy and Harrison. Little hints are occasionally dropped about the secret Harrison is keeping, but the full reveal is not until the end. A couple of things didn’t quite make sense to me, but I don’t want to go into those and ruin the plot for anybody. This is an easy to read, sweet story with likeable characters.

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