Big Bad Baby Daddy

Big Bad Baby Daddy
by Ali Parker 

My review:

What do you do when the founder and CEO of a billion-dollar baby product business is apparently afraid of children?  The smart thing to do is hire a PR expert. In “Big Bad Baby Daddy”, an excellent and extremely enjoyable book by Ali Parker, the CEO is lucky that his second-in-command does exactly that.

Ellison is far from pleased when his best friend and business partner secretly hires Kassie to ‘fix’ the problem he has of being awkward around children. He doesn’t see why it’s a problem that he’s built a massive brand around kids and around single fathers, yet he’s uncomfortable with kids and estranged from his own single father. Kassie isn’t even 30 yet but she’s doing a great job building up her own brand. Ellison’s partner in his company reached out to her because of her other successes, and she’s determined to fix the problems with Ellison. So what if she finds him incredibly attractive? So what if she can’t resist trying to figure out what the deal is with him and his father … a man he seems to admire for his skill as a single dad, yet hasn’t spoken to in a very long time. Some important things in her own life are out of her control. Kassie seems to compensate for that by when using her skills to control things for other people. She’s a determined woman and that sometimes brings great success, but runs the risk of terrible failure when she blurs the lines between what is professional and what is personal.

Ellison and Kassie are both interesting, multidimensional characters. There is some seriously sad stuff in each of their backgrounds, but isn’t that how life really is? Life is a balancing act between joy and tragedy, silly and serious, heartbreak and the triumph of love. This book has all of that plus witty dialogue, hot passion,  and some laugh out loud humor. Both lead characters make mistakes, and each of them need to gain and grant forgiveness. They each evolve over the progression of the story in ways that are sometimes painful and often beautiful.  Ellison’s best friend Alec, and Kassie’s best friend Kim, meet and seemed to hit it off in this story. If there is some type of conflict that we didn’t see between them, it would definitely be good to see them again in their own story.

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