Harvest of Love

Harvest of Love
by Melanie Moreland

My review:

Some authors have a talent for putting out the right book at the perfect time. With “Harvest of Love” Melanie Moreland has done exactly that. At a very stressful time in the world, this is a story of gentle healing and peace.

Dani has an extraordinarily stressful job that has consumed her life. With no family and no time to make friends, the walls of her office and the walls of her small apartment are all closing in on her.  When she literally flees one day because she just needs to get away even for a couple of hours, she encounters Noah at The Harvest Table, a family-owned farm, store and restaurant in the country.  When he sees Dani, he recognizes in her the anxiety and desperation that was his own reality not too many years in the past.  The chemistry that immediately flares between Noah and Dani takes them both by surprise.  As the pages of the book slip by, their wonderment at the powerful connection is enthralling. Dani is certainly a lovely character, but Noah is next-level swoony and fabulous. He’s a unicorn of alpha when necessary, caring always, and unafraid to communicate honestly. He desperately wants to help Dani, but he’s loving and supportive about it; he never acts like she can’t make her own decisions.

The secondary characters in this story add more comforting threads to the blanket of peaceful feelings that the author weaves for us. I particularly liked Noah’s parents. An accident causes a little family drama, but nothing too terrible. Although this is a love story, it’s also actually a story about love itself. Just as importantly, it’s about loving yourself enough to make your own well-being a priority. The ending was terrific, and the epilogue couldn’t have been any better. If you could use a little escape from the anxiety of the world, I think there’s room for everybody at The Harvest Table, no reservation necessary.  You can easily find it through the pages of this book.

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