SEAL’s Redemption

SEAL’s Redemption
by Leslie North

My review:

“SEAL’s Redemption” is the first book in the new ‘Team Oracle Security’ series from Leslie North. If this first book is any indication, it’s going to be an enjoyable series.

Plagued with guilt over his role in a mission that ended disastrously, Logan starts leaning heavily on liquor instead of Hope, the girlfriend he’s been with for years. She understands that he can’t disclose confidential information about a mission, but he actually shuts her out of his heart and his feelings. When his dark behavior goes too far, Hope loses all hope and ends the relationship completely. She’s an investigative reporter who’s accustomed to digging to get to the bottom of a story; she has no intention of digging endlessly to unearth the emotions of a man who will not really share himself.  Her own life experiences have taught Hope that when a relationship is over, it’s over. You don’t give an “ex” another chance.  Logan reevaluating his life after sinking about as low as he can go, an unexpected pregnancy, and attempts on Hope’s life all combine to bring Logan and Hope together again, at least for a while. Close proximity and everything that’s going on magnify the connection that still simmers between them even though they agree it can’t go anywhere.

This is an action-packed story that grabbed my attention and held it throughout. I thought the dialogue was good. I didn’t think the mystery was hard to figure out as the story unfolded, but it was still very entertaining, The emotional turmoil of the main characters was authentic, as was the chemistry between them. Hope’s best friend and Logan’s brother each provide ways for us to better understand the main characters, and also provide a little comic relief in this intense story.  In addition to being sweet, the epilogue provides a good introduction to a couple of characters whose stories will apparently be told in this series. Team Oracle is off to a great start.

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