Honeymoon Hitman

Honeymoon Hitman
by Jacob Chance

My review:

Author Jacob Chance really hit the mark if he was aiming for a fun, hot and original island adventure when he wrote “Honeymoon Hitman.” I don’t know what I was expecting exactly when I started reading this book, but I do know that it blew me away.

Sadie goes alone on what was supposed to have been her honeymoon … until she caught her now ex-fiance cheating on her right in their bedroom.  She recognizes it was a blessing in disguise and vows to enjoy her vacation as a single woman, enjoying the relatively brief escape from her high-pressure job. And then she meets delicious mancandy Cal and everything in her life changes in another direction yet again. Cal is a security consultant … or is he? He’s a hit man having something of a mid-life crisis.  Beautiful Sadie distracts him from ‘business’ for a little while but then, as the book blurb says, people start “dropping like flies” and it all gets even more crazy. Sadie and Cal are both vivid, endearing characters with sizzling chemistry that is off the charts. She, in particular, is hilarious. The story is so well-written that you can envision everything clearly as if you were watching it on a movie screen.

There are a whole bunch of great secondary characters, many of whom actually are among those who “drop like flies.”  I’d love to see both Benny and Lynch each get their own story told because I have so many questions about them yet to be answered.  “Honeymoon Hitman” is fast-paced entertainment full of intense emotions, witty dialogue, clever popular references, steamy scenes, and an ending that is just killer!

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