Honor Bound

Honor Bound: An Echo Company Novel
by Katherine Grey

My review:

I didn’t know what to expect when I started reading “Honor Bound”, the first book in the ‘Echo Company’ series by Katherine Grey. The blurb did sound good, but it certainly didn’t clue me in as to how excellent this story is!

Callie St. John is a woman who’s locked herself away behind a public persona of cold perfection. She’s unflappable, unemotional and untouchable. Nobody knows it but that’s her way of trying to atone for something terrible that happened in her past.  Lieutenant James Hawkins also has secrets. He’s highly trained Special Ops soldier whose unique skill set is highly classified; he and his fellow Echo Company team members each have a different talent or ability that is almost supernatural. Cool under any type of pressure, James is still thoroughly aggravated at being given bodyguard duty to watch over a rich, spoiled socialite. He’s disgusted that her politically connected father has arranged for her to have him as an elite military babysitter.

When a violent attack proves that the threat against Callie is all too real, tensions rise to almost unbearable levels. The stressful situation is complicated further by the inexplicably powerful attraction Callie and James have toward one other. This is a fast-paced story. Throughout the book, the action is non-stop and full of surprises. There are multiple layers to the well-structured plot. I don’t want to risk telling you too much about it and risk ruining the story progression and surprises for you. Believe me, it’s good stuff!

The various secondary characters are excellent and add so much to the story. The explanation of how James and his fellow team members came to have their unusual abilities is very creative. The introduction we received to the members of Echo Company captured my attention and has me eager to meet each of them ‘up close’ and learn their stories.  Based on the quality of this first book, it promises to be a great series.

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