His Very Sneaky Mafia Princess

His Very Sneaky Mafia Princess: A Dark Mafia Suspense Romance
by Maggie Carpenter

My review:

Whenever I see a book by Maggie Carpenter, I always read it because I know that it’ll be really good. “His Very Sneaky Mafia Princess: A Dark Mafia Suspense Romance” is much more than good. It’s actually great entertainment.

Angelina is poised to take over the reins of the Romano Family after the sudden death of her beloved father. Carmine is the head of the Caruso Family, having stepped into his late father’s shoes just a few years earlier. Each of the two Families operates a mix of legitimate and criminal businesses. Angelina and Carmine were friends as children, true best friends on the cusp of being more when they were teenagers. When their respective fathers stepped in and put an end to their connection a decade ago, each of them ended up hurt and confused, then angry. Angelina is solidifying her position as leader of the Romanos, but rival Carmine is determined to wrest control from her and take over. This story has an excellent, intricate plot that is complicated but so well conveyed that it never gets confusing. It’s the kind of story that you can’t put down.

Even though the characters are criminals, the author manages to make them extremely likable and relatable. This book contains some scenes of domestic discipline, but nothing excessive or mean-spirited. Throughout the story there is sadness, betrayal, death, suspense, passion, and occasional humor. There are secrets and lies, moments of fear and moments of triumph. The secondary characters are vivid and add a lot to the story. The book is told from multiple points of view, carried out in such a way that it really enhances the flow and clarity of this story. I thought the ending was done well, and did a great job tying up all the threads of this story.

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