Age of Ava

Age of Ava
by Melanie Moreland

My review:

“… I knew I had to stay away from her. I had the feeling she could throw my entire world into chaos. It didn’t stop her from popping into my head frequently, though.”

It’s always so difficult to write reviews for books by author Melanie Moreland. She imbues them with so much that I want to share and prattle on about, yet at the same time I want to be careful not to spoil anything for you because each book is a treasure you should discover for yourself. I finished reading “Age of Ava” almost a week ago. I started and re-started this review multiple times and erased what I wrote because each time it wasn’t enough to really convey all that I wanted it to. “Age of Ava” is the 4th book in the ‘Vested Interest: ABC Corp’ series. You can definitely enjoy it as a complete stand-alone.

Ava is the embodiment of a strong, confident career woman. She’s totally in control of her world. She knows without a doubt that her huge extended family loves her, even though she believes she must always appear as strong to them as she does to the outside world. The one area in which she has ‘failed’ is in finding a lasting romantic relationship. She’s convinced that she’ll always be alone, and it’s a sad truth she just has to accept. Hunter is a man of many talents who inherits the property next door to that of Ava and her big family. He’s a man who has spent his entire life alone. The only creature he’s ever cared for – the only friend he’s ever had – has been a dog he found abandoned on the side of a road. Sound sad? It’s beyond sad because for Hunter it’s simply his reality. He never stays in one place. He’s constantly moving on. Love isn’t something he’s ever experienced, so he isn’t capable of giving it. It’s simple truth that he long ago accepted.

Obviously, Ava and Hunter meet and become involved with one another … otherwise this book wouldn’t exist. I’m not going to break down the plot because it’s something you should experience for yourself. I’m just going to share with you some of what this book made me feel. There are funny moments, sweet moments and moments where you’ll completely empathize with the feelings of the main characters. You may need a cold beverage for some of the passionate scenes, and you’re definitely need a tissue for some scenes that are extraordinarily heartbreaking. At a couple of points things happen that may feel like a punch to the gut. There may be moments when you’ll be convinced that things cannot possibly end well. At those moments take a deep breath and trust in Melanie Moreland. I’m not exaggerating at all when I tell you that this is one of the most memorable books I’ve ever read.

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