One Day Fiance

One Day Fiance
by Lauren Landish

My review:

I’ve been staring at the page for a while, trying to figure out how to write my review of “One Day Fiance” by Lauren Landish. I read a lot of books, and I have to say that this is pretty much a perfect romantic comedy. I want to do it justice, and at the same time I don’t want to take away any of the enjoyment you’ll get from reading it.

Romance author Poppy had a big hit with her first book and now she’s struggling with writer’s block and procrastination issues as she tries to meet her deadline for her second book. The pressure is building. Then she attends an event that she hopes will motivate her to conquer her mental block. At the event, a thief steals her laptop – her lucky laptop that contains her progress thus far on her manuscript. Connor has long been the black sheep in his family. Over the years since he left home as a teenager, he’s worked his way up from shoplifting and very petty thievery, into being a successful art thief. Part of his success is in that he prepares for every heist with great attention to detail. He’s meticulous.  When an unanticipated equipment malfunction takes place in the middle of one of his carefully planned thefts, it triggers a chain of events for which he never could have prepared. Poppy is a hilarious human tidal wave of crazy, sexy sweetness, and all his alpha grumpiness can’t figure out how to deal with her. They end up on a joint quest to get back her laptop, which Connor had passed off to his own criminal boss. It’s a very complicated situation, made even more so by the intense physical chemistry between Poppy and Connor.  You’ll swoon, you’ll snicker and snort, and you may even sniffle a couple of times when this entertaining story touches your heart.

The secondary characters in this book are fantastic. The other authors in Poppy’s writer’s group are the type of friends we all wish we had. Hunter, who is Connor’s co-conspirator, was so interesting it would be great to see him get his own book. Gary was another excellent secondary character, as were Poppy’s Pomeranian puppies. This book will steal your heart … yes, of course I had to make a thief-related comment! Just like Poppy and Connor, I’m only human. Wait. They’re fictional, right? Please, just read the book. It’s well worth your time and effort.

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