Hunted: A Dark Mafia Romance

Hunted: A Dark Mafia Romance
by Piper Stone

My review:

“Hunted: A Dark Mafia Romance” by Piper Stone is a story featuring a hitman who has his own personal ethical code, and the woman who that unexpected attitude saves from certain death. It’s a book that is surprising in several ways.

Dominik has had a successful career as a hitman. In a twisted way, it’s a career handed down by the men in his family. He actually used his success to provide a life in the United States for his beloved sister. For his own personal reasons, Dominik doesn’t accept jobs to kill women or children. When he’s basically forced to take a job to kill a woman, he’s further infuriated to find out she has a young son. Hope is a young woman who never intended to have a child when she did, but her little boy is her whole world. When she’s used as a pawn by some powerful men, her terror is mostly for her child. She never expects that the man sent to kill her will end up being her best chance at survival.

There are several twists in this story, and it’s one long suspenseful situation. Given the subject matter, it’s no surprise that there’s plenty of violence. There’s also non-consensual and dubious consent sexual situations, so if that’s a trigger issue for you, be prepared for those scenes. The intense chemistry between the two lead characters surprises and overwhelms them both.  Hope’s son, Dominik’s friend, and a dog belonging to Dominik’s sister all play important supporting roles in the story.

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