The Rookie

The Rookie
by Kendall Ryan

My review:

“So, here I am. On the other side of the country, chasing down a rogue rookie with an anger-management problem. I guess this is my life now.”

“The Rookie” is the third book in the ‘Looking to Score” series by Kendall Ryan. I haven’t read the prior two books in the series, so I can tell you definitively that you can’t enjoy this book without having read the others.

Summer is a sports psychologist who recently started her own business. Her mentor gives her the opportunity to try and get Logan, a rookie hockey player, to agree to counseling sessions with her. The sessions are being required by the NHL before the player will be allowed to rejoin the team after a suspension for his outrageously brutal behavior on the ice. Logan won’t respond to her no matter how she tries to reach out to him, putting her in the awkward position of quite literally hunting him down. Logan’s in his early 20s but he’s having an identity crisis following the unexpected, untimely death of his father. He’s angry at the world and he doesn’t even know if he wants to play hockey anymore. In the midst of his loud but loving family, on the property that was his father’s dream for them all, Logan and Summer discover a lot of honest truths about themselves and one another. They also discover a powerful personal connection that completely shakes them both up.

This story is a quick and easy read. Summer and Logan are both very likable main characters. Their relationship moves very quickly after a certain point, but it didn’t come across as forced for the sake of the story. I enjoyed the secondary characters as well, and hope that perhaps Logan’s brothers will get their own stories told.

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