Lady Brazen

Lady Brazen
by Scarlett Scott

My review:

“Lady Brazen” is the 6th and final fantastic book in the ‘Notorious Ladies of London’ series by Scarlett Scott.  You definitely need not have read any of the others in the series in order to be enthralled with this one.

Pippa is content with her life. She has George, a husband who is devoted to her, a baby she adores, a home in the most fashionable part of London, and every creature comfort imaginable. After her husband suddenly dies, she is shocked and grieved but determined to carry on for the sake of their daughter. Pippa is stunned and confused when circumstances reveal that everything she thought she knew about her husband was a lie. Roland, the Duke of Northwich, is involved in an investigation that deals with her late husband’s dirty business dealings. Five years previously, Pippa jilted Roland in order to marry George, informing him in writing and never giving him an explanation that made sense. She broke his heart, but he’ll still do anything possible to protect her when it becomes all too apparent that she’s in danger. He can’t help her though, if she won’t trust him. The lies she was told are hard for her to move past, but even worse than that, she no longer trusts herself to ever have sound judgment and make good decisions.

“You are not damaged, Pippa.”

“But I am. I do not know if I can never truly trust anyone again.”

Pippa is incredibly resilient as she comes to terms with the staggering reality of the consequences of her own naivete and bad choices. Roland is an extraordinary character. After Pippa broke his heart, the last thing he wants to do is still care about her, but he just can’t help it. He’s a wonderfully smart, strong and sensitive man. I liked the pride he takes in the Iroquois heritage he gets from his mother, and the patience he has with Pippa despite how unfairly she’s treated him.  Roland will also melt your heart with his treatment of Pippa’s sweet little girl, who also happens to be an adorable character.

I thought this was an engaging story with mystery, drama, romance, passion and danger. As the plot unfolded, I could empathize more and more with both of the lead characters and was anxious for them to get the ‘happy ever after’ they so richly deserved.  I was excited to find out at the very end of the book that one of the most important secondary characters in this story is going to get a book of his own to start a new series. I pre-ordered it already because Scarlett Scott is an author who never disappoints!

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