The Bet

The Bet
by Max Monroe

My review:

“As a man who’s never had a type other than hot, eager, and willing, I’m surprised to find that, evidently, argumentative is a turn-on.”

After Jude meets Sophie as the result of a bet, he suddenly finds himself questioning the priorities in his life. We’re lucky enough to have a front row seat to the chaos that quickly develops in “The Bet”, from author duo Max Monroe. Anyone who’s read other books by Max Monroe knows that their stories are delicious entertainment, meant to be savored like your favorite chocolate layer cake.

Jude is a man who has absolutely no interest in making any type of relationship commitment. He’s very happy being a bachelor, thank you very much. His single life as a successful club promoter suits him perfectly, as does the carefree party lifestyle it facilitates. Sophie, on the other hand, is an event planner who’s longing for to plan a particular event in her own life … a wedding. The careful planning and attention to every detail that makes her successful in her professional life is also what tends to suck the joy out of her personal life and contributes to her unsuccessful efforts at finding love. Sophie meets Jude because of a crazy situation at her twin sister’s bachelorette party, and the sizzling attraction between them is practically earthshaking. What starts as a fun fling between them evolves into much more and leads to problems for them both.  A lot takes place in the story and I don’t want to spoil the fun here, so I hope you’ll trust me when I tell you it’s great entertainment.

If you’re familiar with other books by this writing team, you’re going to recognize some familiar names and references to some events and situations. They pop up here and there like little gold nuggets. Never fear though, you definitely don’t need to have read anything before this book in order to thoroughly enjoy it. This story contains serious, authentic emotion that is wonderfully balanced by instances of outrageous humor, clever dialogue, irreverent references and sweet moments. I seriously can’t wait to read the next book in this series.

Now I need to know what is going on with Jude’s mysterious friend, Kyle? Max Monroe can’t be so cruel as to insert what they did about that character and not have a reason for it!

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