by Jane Henry

My review:

“Yogasm” is a fun new romantic comedy from Jane Henry, an author whose work I’ve very much enjoyed but never associated with this type of story. I’m so glad to say that she really knocked it out of the park with this one … I guess that would be Fenway Park, because the story is set in Boston, Massachusetts.

Samantha and her two best friends are opening their own small business in a storefront. It’s a yoga studio and healthy living combination place, all of which is a cover for their more serious, ultimate goal of running a detective agency. Miguel, the wealthy restauranteur next door wanted the space for himself, to be able to expand his business. He even hatches a plan to be rid of them. Then, when Samantha and Miguel meet, the immediate chemistry that flares up between them takes them both by surprise.

“Because the truth is? There’s an honesty to someone who doesn’t play nice just for the hell of it. Sincerity in the words of someone who says what he really thinks.”

There are really two plots running through this book. The first is the story of the establishment of Yogasm, and the relationship between Samantha and Miguel. The second plot has to do with Toni, a young niece Miguel suddenly finds himself custodian of, even though he never knew she existed.  Both plot lines are nicely done and intertwined, combining some angst and some humor, friendship and passion, a bit of sweetness and some terrific banter. The secondary characters are all interesting, and I already pre-ordered the next book in the series.

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