Loved by Liam

Loved by Liam
by Melanie Moreland

My review:

If you’re familiar with the work of author Melanie Moreland, you’re not going to be at all surprised to hear that “Loved by Liam” is an excellent book. Liam is the elder brother of Ronan, the title character in “Finding Ronan’s Heart” and we met him during that story.  The author has done a skillful job telling this story in such a way that it’s perfectly fine if you have it yet read the previous book. From one reader to another though, I think you’ll definitely want to read them all.

Liam is a wonderful character. He’s physically and ethically strong, and confident about himself without being obnoxious. A tragedy in his past has taught him that feeling should be shared, not hidden away. When he meets Paige, the housemate of the woman who has captured the heart of his brother, Liam is immediately attracted to Paige. She is a single mom to a young daughter who has a birth anomaly, and although Liam obviously sees what the world considers a defect, he primarily sees how wonderful a child she is. After Paige’s ex-husband abandoned them both, she has done everything she can to support and protect them both – including working from home and avoiding relationships with men.

In Liam, the author has created a book boyfriend who sets a high standard. Charming and sensitive, he’s also a ‘take charge’ guy who prioritizes family above all else.  He can’t be happy unless Paige is happy too … especially in their relationship.

“Last night was incredible,” I whispered.

“Three a.m. was pretty spectacular too,” she replied with a little grin. I glanced at the clock and pulled her closer.

“Five a.m. is gonna be even better,” I assured her. She giggled, sliding her hand up to cradle my head. 5:00 a.m. turned out to be my favorite.

I know by now I should be used to the fact that Melanie Moreland almost always manages to make me cry at some point in her stories. Well, this time she accomplished that in a totally different way, plus made me actually say “aaawww” right out loud. More than once. This book delivers all different kinds of emotions, plus an awesome epilogue. It’s definitely a story that will leave you with a smile in your heart.

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