Not Fake for Long

Not Fake for Long
by Weston Parker

My review:

Weston Parker excels at taking familiar romance novel tropes and making them uniquely his. “Not Fake For Long” is a perfect example of that. Yes, it’s a billionaire fake fiancé story. But it’s also a story about recognizing who you truly are inside and embracing that which nourishes your soul.

Harrison is a successful entrepreneur in the banking industry. He takes pride in his achievement, but for a while already his profitable career hasn’t been personally fulfilling. He’s got a second business pursuit involving a farm that he finds far more rewarding. Keira is a smart young woman excelling at her training to become a stockbroker. Her dating life, however, is anything but excellent. I don’t want to recount the plot to you because I really believe it’s better for you to experience it as it unfolds. Suffice to say that Keira needs a date for her sister’s wedding and Harrison ends up volunteering to be her plus one … taken up a whole other level. It’s an entertaining story with some laughs, some angst, a couple of irritating ‘bad guys’ plus horses and a great dog.

For me, what made this story great were the unexpectedly powerful and emotional relationships Harrison and Keira had with a couple of the secondary characters. The lead characters each end up doing some serious thinking about what matters in life. Even better, they make impactful changes based on their realizations. Take my advice and be sure to have a few tissues nearby when you read this story, and something you can drink to clear that feeling of a lump in your throat that you’re probably going to get a couple of times while reading.

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