Coventry Courtship

Coventry Courtship
by G.L. Snodgrass

My review:

“Coventry Courtship” is a book that totally took me by surprise even though I did read the book blurb. The author, G.L. Snodgrass, swept me into a story that I just couldn’t put down.

The majority of the action in this book takes place along the waterway of the Coventry Canal. I always appreciate when an author takes the time to share factual information blended with the fiction of the story. The story itself is full of drama, intrigue, murder, secret identities, betrayal, revenge, determination, passion and love.

Rachel is a young woman whose life has gone from relatively happy to orphaned and dumped at finishing school, then graduated and returned home only to be treated heartlessly by her own brother. Fleeing for her life, she’s shocked by her own good fortune when she’s rescued by a handsome stranger named Robert and the gypsy canal boat pilot with whom he works. As the chapters go by, we learn that many things are not what they seem to be.  Rachel finds herself forced to utilize courage she never knew she had, and is overwhelmed by the feelings she quickly develops for Robert. He shares in those feelings and tries to fight them because he knows that a connection with her could interfere with an important mission he must complete. I’m trying to be careful not to divulge too much, but the internal struggles both characters feel are perfectly conveyed by the story.

I thought the character development in this story was excellent. Both lead characters were multi-dimensional. Each was desperately trying to balance their own desires with what they perceived to be the greater good. The villains in this story were suitably despicable. Vano, (the canal boat pilot), was an excellent secondary character.  There are just enough humorous moments to lighten up the story and enough steam to advance the relationship between Rachel and Robert without overwhelming the story. I enjoyed it all so much that when I finished I immediately purchased the prior two books in this series!

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