The Devereaux Affair

The Devereaux Affair
by Adele Clee

My review:

“The Devereaux Affair” is the first book in the ‘Ladies of the Order’ series by author Adele Clee. After having enjoyed the ‘Gentlemen of the Order’ series, I was really looking forward to the start of this series. I’m happy to say that the author honestly surpassed all my high expectations.

I’m going to be very careful to not give away anything from the plot that isn’t already divulged in the book blurb. Julianna and Bennett became the best of friends when they were both children, and Julianna’s courtesan mother was the mistress of Bennett’s aristocratic father. When the relationship between their respective parents suddenly ambitiously ended, the relationship between the two children also ended. Now, years later, Bennett has succeeded his late father as Marquess and he is being targeted by ominous threats to his life. Julianna has started working as an inquiry agent for a renowned investigative agency, after struggling for years to support herself without following in her late mother’s path as a mistress. Her first case is an assignment to figure out who has targeted Bennett. The treasured memory of an innocent love between children quickly and smoothly morphs into a decidedly grown-up attraction between adults. They have a huge problem though, beyond the danger Bennett is facing. He’s going to have to marry and have children eventually, and Julianna is definitely not somebody society would consider appropriate.

There is some serious angst and heartbreak in this story. In fact, some of what each of the lead characters experience is breathtakingly, heart-wrenchingly painful but in the very best of ways, if you know what I mean, because the ending makes it all worthwhile. The separate experiences of these two individuals will pull you into the story. The intrigue and the romance will pull you into the story. The beautiful writing and the wonderful main and secondary characters will pull you into the story. One way or another, once you begin reading this excellent book, you’re getting pulled into the story so be prepared to set your world aside for a bit and experience the world Adele Clee has created for us. Then you can join me in eagerly awaiting the next book in the series.

I read an advanced copy of this book and agreed to give my honest opinion. It was so good, nobody could’ve stopped me from writing about it!

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