Broody Billionaire

Broody Billionaire
by Max Monroe

My review:

Based on the description of the story, and the series of which it is a part, I really did want to like “Montana Delta Rescue.” Unfortunately, it feels very incomplete. We never find out enough about either of the lead characters, and the plot has too many holes and inconsistencies.

Marilyn, the female lead, has supposedly been dating a mafia leader for more than a year and had no clue. When she sees him commit a crime she flees from his house but first kicks off her shoes and leaves them there. She then takes great pains to do things to make him think she hadn’t come to his house that day. The shoes that she left right there in his living room are never mentioned again. She auditions for a role in a movie and gets a substantial part, which she is informed about right at the audition. She immediately knows when the filming will begin, without signing contracts or anything. A short time later she’s leaving town after having lied to the criminal boyfriend and he reveals that he knows where she is because he’s tracking her phone – then he just hangs up to take another incoming call. That’s just a few examples of plot points that make no sense.

This story could be a good one if more effort was made to expand on the information given, and it was built it out into a story with characters that the reader cares about.

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