No Gentle Giant

No Gentle Giant
by Nicole Snow

Release Date: June 5,2021

My review:

“Fliss is a beautiful distraction tailored for my annihilation.”

Fliss is the nickname of Felicity, the leading lady in “No Gentle Giant”, the latest addition to Nicole Snow’s interconnected stand-alone books centered around residents of Hearts Ridge, Montana. If you’ve read other books in this series, you may have met her and the leading man, Paxton, who everybody knows by the nickname ‘Alaska’.

Felicity is the owner of the coffee shop in town, The Nest. Alaska frequents her shop on coffee runs for the construction crew with whom he works. He always noticed her as a pretty woman, but since he doesn’t date he never paid that much attention. Then one day an incident happens in the shop and suddenly the way Alaska and Felicity look at one another changes. Alaska is a terrific book boyfriend – thoughtful, considerate, strong, capable, loving, plus he’s an awesome single dad. He sees Felicity for who she is, and that is really a mirror image of himself, although where he has a 12-year-old son named Eli, she has a little doggie named Shrub. Felicity wants to protect Alaska from a variety of issues that surround her, ranging from jealous gossip to an evil psycho intent on hurting her. She fears him getting hurt and doesn’t want to put him or his son in danger. Alaska has never wanted to shift his attention away from his son, but he is irresistibly drawn to Felicity. I can’t give more specifics about the story because I never give spoilers, and part of the magic of Nicole Snow book is always the finely crafted plot. Trust me though, it’s a really good story!

This book is well-written and is presented in dual point of view. The author has a distinctive writing style that pulls you into the immediacy of every moment. You can feel the heat rising in a slow burn that inevitably bursts into hot passion. If you’ve read prior books by the author, it’s fun to see characters reappear here. The conclusion was excellent, and the epilogue left me smiling.

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