Melissa’s Old-Fashioned Man

Melissa’s Old-Fashioned Man
by Nickie Flynn

Release Date: June 5,2021

My review:

“Melissa’s Old-Fashioned Man” is the 3rd book in a series entitled ‘A Traditional Family’, which I honestly think is not a good name for this excellent series. The leading male character believes in domestic discipline and that’s why he’s ‘old fashioned’ but that’s actually just a small part of the story. This series began with “Old-Fashioned Family” and continued in “Her Old-Fashioned Hero.” I don’t usually recommend books that have no finite conclusion but I’m making an exception with this one because it’s so entertaining and intriguing. The author has done a good job giving enough backstory that you could follow it if you start with book 3, but I do think it’s even better if you start at the beginning. If you start with this one, it’s very possible you’ll want to go back and read from book 1 because it’s that good.

Originally in the witness protection program (WITSEC) because of a mob killing she witnessed, Melissa is a real estate agent currently on the run from the U.S. Marshall’s Office, the FBI, the regular police, and the Albanian Mafia. As the story unfolds, not everyone is who they appear to be. The bad guys definitely include the Albanians and a corrupt FBI Agent. Joe is an honorably discharged officer in the U.S. Navy and currently a detective in the Richmond Police Department. He and his family are doing everything they possibly can to keep Melissa safe. Simultaneously, he and Melissa are exploring and deepening the adrenaline-fueled attraction that has sizzled between them from the moment they met. Their chemistry feels as powerful and dangerous as the forces now targeting them both.

This is an excellent action-adventure thriller with an interesting cast of characters. As the good guys and bad guys are revealed, there are plenty of twists and turns, erotic encounters, questions and answers and then more questions. There is not a complete HEA when this book ends, and the story will continue with more involvement of Joe’s sister Terri, who is the person that initially brought Melissa home to meet Joe and the rest of the family for the Christmas holidays. ‘Terri’s Old-Fashioned Man’ is promised for release this summer and I’m looking forward to it.

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