Her Daddy’s Jewel

Her Daddy’s Jewel
by Laylah Roberts

My review:

“If only this was some fairytale. But it wasn’t. And she was no princess in the tower. She didn’t need a white knight. She needed a monster. Someone bigger, stronger, nastier than the evil stalking her.”

“Her Daddy’s Jewel” is book 5 in the MC Daddies series from Laylah Roberts.  Each book in this series contains a relationship with some kind of age play component. If you’ve never read a book like that, this is a good series to try because each one also has a very good, action-packed story with interesting characters, and is well-written. Please be aware that Jewel, the female lead character in the story, has experienced abuse in the past that could potentially be a trigger for some readers. That abuse doesn’t take place within this book.

If you’ve read previous books in the series, you’ll probably remember both Jewel and Jason.  Both of them have a background full of secrets. To describe Jewel’s past as difficult is a huge understatement.  She has survived the kind of experiences that nightmares are made of. Now she’s putting her life back in the hands of the man who made it a living hell, because he’s threatening the most important person in her life. Quiet Jason has been interested in her for the longest time, but he’s been taking it slow and giving her space. When she goes missing, there’s literally nothing he won’t do to find her. He has a lot of hidden depth, and a difficult past of his own. This is an intense story and an emotional one. Jason rescues Jewel from the darkness in her life, and she rescues him right back.

There is some solid humor scattered throughout the book, which provides a good balance for the serious parts. Jewel isn’t really a little … she’s described as a ‘middle’ which was a term I hadn’t heard before. She’s also a few years older than Jason, but that’s completely a non-issue. He is absolutely her perfect match. This book engaged my attention from the very start and kept it all the way through. In addition to seeing some characters you’ll recognize if you read any of the other stories, we’re introduced to Jason’s family, and I’m hoping they’ll each get their own story because their characters are so good!

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