Finding Ronan’s Heart

Finding Ronan’s Heart
by Melanie Moreland

My review:

“She looks at me and sees me. Nobody else.”

For a lot of books I read, it’s fairly easy to write a review. I usually know as soon as I finish how many ❤ it will get on my blog, and the actual review forms quickly in my mind. Well, it was clear before the end of “Finding Ronan’s Heart” that this is a 5 ❤ book. Yet I’ve struggled for a couple of days about how to best share my thoughts about it.

If you’re familiar at all with the BAM and/ot ABC Corp book series’ by Melanie Moreland, then you immediately know who Ronan is – He’s one of The Triplets. If you’re not already familiar with the books I mentioned, have no fear, because you can definitely enjoy this one anyway.

Ronan is a truly good man and a talented architect. He and his brothers were inseparable while growing up. As the eldest of the 3, Ronan always saw himself as responsible for his “younger” brothers. He always quietly went along with whatever made them happy, setting aside his own preferences in everything. When his brothers start seriously dating, Ronan suddenly finds himself an uncomfortable fifth wheel. He begins to re-evaluate his life. After a workout he goes into a diner and is captivated by his waitress, Beth. She is a waitress, bakes cakes for extra money, and is raising her adolescent younger brother after a tragedy took the lives of their parents. Ronan needs to find himself out separate from his fellow triplets and his huge extended family. Beth needs to develop confidence in herself, after what little she had was shattered by a past relationship.

“I had a date with a girl who knew nothing about my family, and about whom they knew nothing. Beth was just for me, and I didn’t have to share. She was all mine.”

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