Grumpy Cowboy

Grumpy Cowboy
by Max Monroe

My review:

“If you typed the words “hot cowboy” into Google, I’m pretty sure this guy would be the number one search result.” 

“Grumpy Cowboy” is book three in the ‘Single Dad Collection’ from authors Max Monroe. The books are stand-alone stories. If you read the second book in the series including the extended epilogue, you’ll probably remember briefly meeting Utah Cowboy Rhett and his adorable little girl Joey. I was so glad to find them as the focus of this book.

Rhett absolutely adores his precocious daughter. He loves his parents and the family ranch and has no regrets about giving up his successful rodeo career to live on the ranch and raise his child.  He’s certainly not perfect though. Rhett is an incredibly stubborn man and resistant to authority. He frequently butts heads with his father about the family ranch and being more responsible. When Rhett gets a serious leg injury while accepting a challenge from his friends, he ignores the medical advice from his doctors and risks permanent, debilitating damage to the function of his leg.  Leah is a medical doctor that his father brings to the ranch for the summer to oversee Rhett’s recovery and rehabilitation. She’s a real, stereotypical ‘city girl’ in designer dresses in high heels, but in her own way she’s just as stubborn as Rhett. Also like him, she’s a truly good-hearted person. Some of the chaos that ensues between them on the ranch is hilarious and so creative. As the story develops, Rhett and Leah truly bring out the best in one another.  In this book there’s a 3rd lead character … Rhett’s young daughter Joey (short for Josephine) is a sassy gem in sparkles and little cowgirl boots. Her wonderful personality shimmers off the pages.

In addition to the fun in this story, there is quite a lot of serious emotion. It’s nicely balanced so it definitely remains a rom-com, but this story and characters have depth. I must admit that I teared up more than once while reading. The cast of secondary characters further bring it all to life. And Ernie! I fell in love with him and if you read the book, I bet you will, too. After you finish the book and the great epilogue, make sure you get the extended epilogue. I don’t want to reveal anything from that, but prepare to swoon. Put on your real or metaphorical cowboy hat, kick back and prepare for an experience that will warm your heart and heat up your Kindle.

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