Xtreme Affairs

Xtreme Affairs
by Em Petrova

My review:

“Xtreme Affairs” is book 4 in the ‘Xtreme Ops’ series by Em Petrova. They are interconnected stand-alone stories about members of a special forces team operating under the auspices of Homeland Security and based in Alaska.

River Hepburn is so stealthy in his role as a member of the elite ops team that they gave him the nickname Shadow. It’s ironic that when not in danger, and just on his way home to visit family, he’s injured in a car wreck. The hospital must release him into somebody’s care.  Sascha Lacey is the only one with whom they can get in touch. She’s the younger sister of the best friend River enlisted with … the best friend who was killed while on deployment. River was attracted to Sascha before they enlisted but they were all young, and the bro code about sisters being off limits was strong. The pull of attraction between the 2 of them is stronger than ever now, and neither one really wants to fight it. As River struggles with his own personal demons, Sascha find herself in great personal danger as the action in the story increases to a feverish pitch.

I thought this story was well-written and well-paced. The characters have much more depth than you might expect. If you’re familiar with the series, there are many secondary characters you’ll recognize. There are some humorous moments scattered throughout, and the passion between the 2 lead characters is hot enough to raise even the frigid temperatures of Alaska.

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