Alpha’s Vow

Alpha’s Vow
by Renee Rose and Lee Savino

My review:

I was never a big fan of paranormal romance, though I did occasionally read them, and could review them fairly on their own merits. Then I read a book (and series) by Renee Rose and another author that I really enjoyed. So, when I saw the release of “Alpha’s Vow” I had to check it out. I am so glad I did, because Renee Rose and Lee Savino have given us an extremely entertaining story with the release of this book. I’m not going to enumerate too many plot points here because the book blurb already told you what you need to know about that. I’d rather write about the development of the 2 main characters.

Charlotte (known as Charlie) is a woman who grew up without a feeling of stability because of the careers of her parents, who were in the military. She likes to plan things with as much detail as possible because it gives her a feeling of control. Lance is former military, and a guy who now makes his living as a mercenary. He thrives on danger and throwing himself headfirst into whatever perilous situations arise. Plus, he’s a charming ladies’ man. Without having any clue that he’s a shifter (or that such people even exist), Charlie knows Lance is not the guy for her. On his end of things, Lance knows that his intense attraction to Charlie is illogical and impossible. But the heart wants what the heart wants and all that … They both have to change and mature in ways they hadn’t imagined when a one-night stand between them leaves her pregnant. Charlie must figure out that risky, uncertain and unplanned people and experiences can actually be perfect, while Lance has to realize that he is capable of being far more than the shallow playboy image he projects to the world. The journey of discovery they take separately and together is nicely done; It blends passion, compassion, fear, confidence, insecurity, doubt, faith, sadness, joy, humor, hope and love.  Everything culminates in an ending that was perfect for Charlie and Lance.

There is an excellent array of interesting secondary characters who add interest and depth to the story.  I thought this book was entertaining and the pages went by quickly. If you don’t typically read paranormal romance, I urge you to give this a try because it might really ‘shift’ your opinion.  I somehow missed the first book in the series but it soon as I finished this one, I ordered that one right away and loaded it on my Kindle.

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