Her Very Strict Captain

Her Very Strict Captain
by Maggie Carpenter

My review:

“Her Very Strict Captain” by Maggie Carpenter is a book full of action and unexpected surprises. I’ve read a good number of books by this author add they were all enjoyable, but I have to say this is one of her best.

Scott owns a successful a sailing school and charter business. He’s a handsome, compelling and dominant man who takes everything in life seriously, including pleasure.  Elizabeth, (sometimes known as Beth), charters one of his boats, and the chemistry between them is immediately apparent to them both. Scott and Elizabeth each have lots of secrets that start to interconnect in dangerous and interesting ways.  I really don’t want to write much about the plot because I think the more you don’t know about it ahead of time, the more you’ll enjoy all the surprises. There are a number of different types of elements combined in this book, even a past-lives vibe. It wouldn’t seem like it should all work together and yet it does!

There is a lot of action and intrigue in this story. It’s well-paced and totally increases in intensity until the dramatic conclusion. Some interesting secondary characters further liven up the pages, including Dan the creepy cop and Sonny the psycho drug lord. Layer all that with the steamy and slightly kinky relationship that develops between the lead characters, and you’ve got an extremely entertaining book that you won’t soon forget.

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