Diamonds and Dirt Roads

Diamonds and Dirt Roads
by Erin Nicholas

My review:

“Diamonds and Dirt Roads” is the first book in the ‘Billionaires in Blue Jeans’ series by Erin Nicholas. It’s a small town story centered around triplet sisters forced by the terms of their late father’s will to relocate from New York City to a tiny Kansas town, and take up roles in the small pie shop he was running there at the time of his death. If they don’t cooperate with his unusual will, they’ll forfeit billions of dollars they would otherwise inherit from the company he spent most of his life building.

Cori is the sister who’s always ready to have a good time, but who never manages to stick with anything. She loves her life, adores her sisters, and wishes she’d had a closer relationship with their father. In his will, their father tasked her with running the business side of the pie shop and forced her to leave the actual baking, and all customer relations, to her sisters. She’s also forbidden from dating for 6 months. Evan is a lawyer who was a good friend to Cori’s father, Rudy, who ended up in the tiny Kansas town because of car trouble and never left.  The townspeople thought Rudy was just a simple guy; They had no idea he was a billionaire businessman. Evan had helped him draw up his unusual will and was left with the responsibility of explaining the complicated terms to Rudy’s daughters. For all that he’d wondered about the daughters who’d never come and visited Rudy, Evan wasn’t prepared for the immediate attraction he felt toward just one of them – the one who’s not allowed to date for 6 months.

The plot seems a little complicated but it’s well-written and flows smoothly. The 3 sisters each have distinctly different personalities, but the connection between them comes across as genuine and loving. There are plenty of great secondary characters who give life to the small town.  I thought the ending was clever and exuberant, and it definitely left me smiling.

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