Sheriff Daddy

Sheriff Daddy
by Laylah Roberts

My review:

Sheriff Daddy is book 10 in the “Montana Daddies” series by Laylah Roberts. They are connected standalone stories, and you need not have read the others to enjoy this one. The main characters in this book are FBI Agent Georgina and Wishingbone Montana’s Sheriff Ed, who first shared a kiss in Daddy in Cowboy BootsExtremely repressed Georgina freaked out and vanished.  After she survives a traumatic experience as a field agent, she feels compelled to go back to Ed and see if there’s a possibility of a relationship between them.

Georgina has major self-esteem issues, caused largely by a mother who is the stuff of nightmares, and by real life nightmare situations she’s survived. When she puts herself in situations that endanger her own health and safety, Ed can no longer fight his need to nurture and protect her. Between our own recklessness and danger from outside forces, she really does need his protection. The book details their relationship as it evolves, and the characters evolve as well. The DD/lg elements of the story are not overdone, although he is hyper-protective of her. Attention is paid to subjects like limits and consent, which is good. There were a couple of things in the plot that didn’t quite make sense to me, but nothing so egregious that I didn’t enjoy the book.

This is the first book in the series that doesn’t have much to do with Sanctuary Ranch and the characters there. There is just a tiny bit of that, and instead the focus is on an array of fantastic secondary characters in Wishingbone … so much so that I’m really hoping the author is going to give us another spin-off series. Kiesha, Isa, Cleo, Noah, silent Juliet, Loki/Lachlan, Remy, Xavier, Jonny Jacks, Georgina’s brothers, Aunt Marie and the mysterious Rueben Jones had me laughing out loud more than once. Tip: Don’t drink anything while you read chapter 3 because you might end up making a mess when you laugh.

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