A Harlot at the Highland Court

A Harlot at the Highland Court
by Celeste Barclay

My review:

A Harlot at the Highland Court is book 12 of “The Highland Ladies” series by Celeste Barclay. This series is made up of books that are interconnected stand-alone stories, so you need not have read the others in order to enjoy this one. Believe me, it’s a great series though, and after you finish this book you’ll probably want to go back and read any others that you haven’t experienced yet.

Emelie has been a lady-in-waiting at the royal court for years, yet she is still naïve enough to end up in a very difficult situation. Dominic is a widower still struggling to deal with the humiliating legacy of the woman who was his wife. When they meet, he finds himself drawn to her and suggests a temporary marriage intended to help them both. The author has imbued both characters with such authentic personalities, strengths and weaknesses that the emotions that develop between them feel authentic and respectful off them both. Emelie and Dominic almost intuitively understand one another, and as their relationship progresses, each gains a better understanding of themselves.

The story is an exciting one, layered with drama, intrigue, joy, sadness, loyalty, friendship, betrayal, despair, forgiveness and redemption. And tremendous, scorching hot passion. Characters from the previous book appear in this one, which is especially fun if you read that story already. I enjoyed the ending of this fast-paced historical novel and really enjoyed the epilogue!

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