The Enforcer

The Enforcer
by Renee Rose

My review:

“The Enforcer” is the third book in the Chicago Bratva series from author Renee Rose. The books in this series are interconnected stand-alone stories. I have read and enjoyed the other 2 books in the series as well, but I have to tell you that this one is really something special. I don’t want to give any spoilers, so I’m trying to choose my own words with care and its tough because I also want to go on and on about it!

Oleg was an intriguing character in the other books of the series and I was hoping we’d get his story.  But how do you share the story of a mute mafia man? (Answer? Renee Rose weaves her word magic, that’s how.)  His silence made him especially interesting and left me with so many unanswered questions … which I can happily say are now answered!  Oleg has been incredibly attracted to Story, the lead singer of a local band. She’s a musically talented but relationship averse free spirit. When the story brings them together, the chemistry and connection between them transcends speech. This story is told in dual POV, which is critically important in allowing us to hear and experience things from Oleg’s perspective.

There is plenty of dramatic action in this book, which I expected. But there is also a lot of emotion in it, to a degree that totally exceeded my expectations. Oleg’s silence – (because of physical reasons and also self-imposed) –  is so profound and  heartbreaking, as are the restrictions Story has placed upon her own life. I wouldn’t expect there to be sweetness in a mafia romance, but in this one, there is. I couldn’t put this book down until I had finished it.  The secondary characters are nicely done, and some will be familiar if you read the other books in this series. We also get a strong hint at who will be featured in book 4, and I’m already looking forward to it.

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