Oops I’ve Fallen

Oops I’ve Fallen
by Max Monroe

My review:

“Wild, impulsive, down for anything, Carly is the spontaneity and irresistible chaos to my predictability and order.”

This sentence so perfectly describes the compelling connection between lead characters Ryan and Carly. He’s a staid businessman and she’s a free-spirited ski instructor, thrown into close proximity by the shenanigans of their respective widowed parents. The book is a romcom so as the reader you’re well aware that there will be humor and some kind of HEA. The clever, creative writing duo of Max Monroe weaves it all together in a story that has enough steam to fog up your Kindle and enough humor to make you laugh out loud.

The lively set of secondary characters is predominantly made up of senior citizen living in the gated retirement community where the aforementioned widowed parents reside.  Those parents themselves are a fun depiction of seniors finding love and passion in their golden years.The angst Is pretty minimal. There is the necessary character development to allow for relationship development. I very much liked Ryan as the hero, though I was a bit less charmed at some of Carly’s behavior.  I really did enjoy this book and thought it was great, light-hearted entertainment with a very satisfying conclusion.

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