by Melanie Harlow

My review:

Mack became a single dad to his 3 young daughters when his wife walked out on all of them. He loves and cherishes his daughters Millie, Felicity and Winnie, and every day he does his absolute best to juggle job responsibilities with parental responsibilities and still stay sane. His girls are adorable and chaos, a combination most parents will recognize. I think it’s impossible not to fall in love with Mack in the very first scene of this story.

He is CFO for Cloverleigh Farms, an operation that encompasses a restaurant, catering hall and winery. Frannie, the youngest daughter of the people who own Cloverleigh, also works there. She is part-time nanny to Mack’s daughters. There is irresistible attraction between Mack and Frannie. Good guy that he is, Mack worries that the 10-year age difference between them makes him too old for her, he has too much personal baggage, that her family – who employ him – will not approve. The degree to which he is seriously tormented is beautifully written, as is her devoted and broken heart when he fights the attraction they feel for one another.

Wonderful characters, excellent secondary characters, and a setting where I’d love to live made this a book to savor. The HEA will keep you smiling.

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