Hot Seal, April’s Fool

Hot Seal, April’s Fool
by Becca Jameson

My review:

I am typically not a fan of second chance romances where the main characters had a long separation caused by something that a simple conversation could have resolved. That being noted, I still did enjoy “Hot Seal, April’s Fool” by Becca Jameson.  This book is part of the ‘SEALs in Paradise’ multi-author series. Each book in this series is a stand-alone, although secondary characters appear in each story who were the lead or secondary characters in other books. All the books in the series can be read in any order.

Cole and April were devoted high school sweethearts with plans for a life together, even though he was going to join the Navy. And then instead of proposing like she thought he would, he just disappeared, and she never heard from him again. A decade later when his father dies and Cole has to briefly return to the small town where he grew up, he can’t resist following his heart and trying to rekindle a relationship with April. I don’t want to give more away, but I will say that when the reason he left without even a goodbye is revealed, I would’ve liked to reach into the book and shake him. April’s mother gives her some advice that actually helped me feel much more kindly about his character.

This story is laden with corrupt politicians and police, major drama in Cole’s family, small-town gossip, sweet memories, hot moments, and reminders that the heart wants what it wants. Cole and April never really stopped loving each other. His sincere determination to win her back and be with her forever, and her resolve to protect her heart from the risk of further devastation, make this an emotional and compelling story.

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