Runaway Groom

Runaway Groom
by Weston Parker

My review:

In “Runaway Groom” author Weston Parker gives us a very entertaining story that makes you laugh on the surface and touches your heart when the surprisingly complex layers of the lead characters’ personalities are trivial.

In a twist on the popular reality show, bachelor Rhett Roberts gives lucky ladies a bracelet instead of a rose – but we instantly get the connection to the show that we recognize in the public consciousness, even if we’ve never watched it.   Rhett’s career as a professional stuntman tells us something about his personality type. His behavior on the show is described as rakish and capable of charming women right out of their bikinis. Fiona, the florist hired to decorate the set for the big season finale is somebody content to stay in the background and out of the camera’s eye. They have an extremely brief conversation. and both feel surprisingly intrigued by one another, but that’s the end of it. And then, suddenly, he ditches the wedding finale and makes a break for it with Fiona in tow.

Although this book has a good amount of humor in it, it’s nicely balanced by passion, compassion and empathy, plus enough angst and self-doubt to keep it interesting. Rhett and Fiona are people you’d like to hang out with, live next door to and even vacation with sometimes.  I thought the end of the book was very well done. I would also love to read more about Rhett’s brother!

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